Handmade ``Picholine Olives``.

Our hand-stuffed Picholine olives are unique. A remarkable flavor which is created thanks to our know-how which has endured over the years.

You can find whole green olives, those in slices, or for lovers of spicy flavors we offer those stuffed with lemon, cayenne pepper, and fine! And for those who love pitted olives we have pitted olives!


Whole Picholine Olives

Extra taste and selected carrefully

Whole Picholine Olives

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers Stuffed Olives

The perfectly dosed Cayenne Pepper.

Cayenne Peppers Stuffed Picholine Olives

Seasonal Lemon

Lemons Stuffed Picholine Olives

The well-dosed lemon touch.

Hand-stuffed olives with lemons will seduce you.


Almonds Stuffed

Fresh, the almond has a milky texture with a fine and delicate taste.

Almonds Stuffed Picholine Olives

Sliced with love

Sliced Olives

Need olives for a recipe? These are already cut.

Hand Sliced Picholines Olives


Pitted Picholine Olives

You don't like the kernel in olives, this ones are perfect for you.

Pitted Pichiine Olives


Carefully selected olives, garnished with our best ingredients.


Our hand-stuffed olives are packed with taste and know-how.


The crunchy and creamy flavor of the olive will know how to meet your quality needs.